The leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20) stressed that the development of a circular carbon economy is very important for achieving sustainable development in the future.

The leaders of the G20 Group emphasized at the “Guardian Earth” theme meeting held on Sunday (Nov 22nd, 2020) that the G20 Group encourages the adoption of a circular carbon economy approach to comprehensively and comprehensively manage emissions to reduce the impact of climate change and make the energy system cleaner , More sustainable, and enhance the security and stability of the energy market.

A statement issued after the meeting stated that the G20 Group will continue to work to protect coral reefs and marine ecosystems, and take specific actions to deal with land degradation and habitat loss. By taking a coordinated position on environmental issues, the G20 Group is committed to building a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia stated at the side event that protecting the planet is of utmost importance. As emissions increase due to economic and population growth, the G20 Group must take the lead in adopting sustainable, pragmatic and cost-effective methods to achieve an ambitious climate aims.

The fifteenth summit of G20 group leaders kicked off on November 21 by video. The summit lasted for two days and was hosted by Saudi Arabia, the rotating presidency. Plastic pollution is also an important topic of this meeting. Let us stop using disposable water bottles and other disposable plastic products, and start using reusable & ECO-friendly water bottles to protect the global environment.

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