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Healthy and Stylish

All our products are manufactured by advanced double-wall vacuum technology, using modern and stylish design to provide high performance.

Whether you are working, at home, in the gym or outdoors, you always need SIMPLE FLASK.



Happy Hydration

Environmental protection affects our future environment and climate and water resources, so environmental protection is very important to us.

Due to the excellent performance and style of our water bottles, you will never want a disposable drinking bottle again, which means you will greatly reduce or stop relying on disposable plastics. We guarantee that you will be a better practitioner of environmentalism.

Stay Hydrated

When the water in your stainless steel water bottle is always cold, you are willing to drink more water. Especially in the hot summer months, or during sports, cold water makes you happy. With SIMPLE FLASK, keeping hydrated is always so pleasant.


insulated reusable flask

Hiking Companion

When you are exercising or hiking, it is better to put the Simple Flask in a place where you can reach it. It is better to use a Simple Flask to replenish water while walking.


water bottle for hiking

High Quality

Premium food grade 18/8 stainless steel.

Lifetime Warranty

against any manufacturing defects.

Fast Shipping

In the U.S. , Canada and all over the world.

thermoses bottle

Customize your SIMPLE FLASK is right here. Pick out a SIMPLE FLASK drinking vessel, choose from our broad design galleries, or, upload a personal design. Either way, your mark will last as long as the SIMPLE FLASK it’s on.

play on beach

World Class Drinking Vessel

SIMPLE FLASK is committed to achieving outstanding achievements in terms of thermal insulation effects, consumer health assurance and environmental protection. SIMPLE FLASK develops trend-leading products which all play a benchmark role in the water bottle industry.

  • Advanced Thermal Insulation Technology – keeps ice cold

  • Leak-Proof Achievements – unique structural design

  • Sweating Free – copper plated double-wall

SIMPLE FLASK, is the guarantee of your healthy drinking water, and your intimate partner of life and sports.

Our Values

Simple Flask’s mission is to reduce the use of plastics that will eventually pollute the soil and pollute our oceans. It starts by simply stopping using disposable plastic bottles. Choose Reuse.

To become the world’s most popular, environmentally friendly, healthy and most durable water bottle brand.

Excellence is not just our standard, it’s our obsession. We don’t do the minimum requiredwe do more.

The Simple Flask brand was founded by senior engineers. By creating an insulated sports bottle without BPA, Simple Flask set off a revolution. We can ensure that all our products have decades of superior insulation technology to ensure that your reusable water bottles can enhance your life comfort.

We are fascinated by our own manufacturing and quality pursuit. We care about the way our products affect people and the environment.
We understand our consumers, and our design is closely linked to market insight. We strive to perceive changing needs and strive to be the first brand to meet these needs. We are excited about solving problems and taking on seemingly impossible challenges.