Currently, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is held by the UK at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, during which major environment-related issues are being discussed to seek for further solutions. The conference this year again stresses on the significance and urgency of achieving net zero missions to minimize the harmful effects of global warming. So what does net zero emissions mean? Can we do something to speed up the realization of this grand goal?

The use of reusable water bottles is conducive to reducing carbon emissions and environmental protection. Reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment are Simple Flask’s vision.

cop26 and reusable water bottle

I. What Does Net Zero Emissions Mean?

Net zero emissions is proposed by experts and environmentalists around the world to protect our planet by stabilizing global temperatures. You may wonder that “how can we emit zero waste gas?” Actually, we are not literally emitting zero wastes, but exerting every effort to make the natural system return to balance again.

Before the industrial revolution, there was no machines crazily exhausting harmful gases into the atmosphere, and the planet was capable of tackling with greenhouse gases such as methane and CO₂, thus maintaining a good balance. However, the advent of high energy consumption equipment and technology has gradually changed the world, and it’s time to turn the tide.

II. What Can We Do?

For us individuals, we can control the budget of carbon emissions by driving less, planting more trees, and also rejecting the adoption of plastic products. Plastic products are by no means good for both human beings and the planet. During the manufacturing of plastic objects, harmful wastes are generated unavoidably, threatening the living of wildlife via different forms: the waste gases will thin the ozone layer; while the waste liquids may seep into the soil as well as the ground water eventually flowing into the food chain.

Yes, we should do something to reduce the use of plastics. And there is quite a convenient and practical approach to achieve that. What is it? You must have known the answer, as our title has unveiled the identity of it.

In order to protect us from dehydration, we have to consume adequate water on a daily basis. And it is a must for us to hold some containers to drink water, otherwise we may return to the times of the primitive. Using reusable stainless steel water bottles is a perfect option for us to make contributions to the realization of net zero emissions. Water bottles made by stainless steel can completely take the place of harmful and single-use plastic ones, and should thereby be promoted. As long as every one starts to get hydrated with insulated stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic counterparts, plastic water bottle manufacturers will correspondingly reduce and may even cease the production of plastic bottles. In this way, we are to some extent saving the planet!

III. Why Are Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles Good?

Some plastic bottle lovers may contend, “why are reusable stainless steel water bottles better than disposable/reusable plastic ones?” In view of that, here we Simple Flask list 6 overwhelming strengths of stainless steel drinking bottles.

  • Insulation

A quality 18-8 stainless steel water bottle is equipped with a double-walled insulation structure to deliver outstanding insulation performance (Stainless steel water bottles of single wall are not insulated bottles). Generally speaking, such a bottle is capable of keeping steaming hot water warm for 18 hours, and icy cold water cold for 10 hours. If the bottle is plated a layer of copper inside, its heat-retaining performance will be further enhanced. In contrast, the temperature of hot water contained in a plastic water bottle would drop drastically in just 1 hour. The outstanding insulation capability of reusable stainless steel water bottles beats plastic counterparts heavily. Thanks to this feature of insulated water bottles, nowadays office men and ladies of an increasing number prefer to drinking steaming hot coffee with stainless steel bottles rather than paper cups or plastic bottles.

  • Durability

If it is a plastic water bottle, it may easily get broken when dropped onto the ground or tough items. When that happens, the bottle can no longer be used as it fails to hold liquids. The fragility of plastic drinking bottles is to blame for sure. In contrast, stainless steel is characterized by agreeable durability. This material, anti-rust and anti-scratch, can never be smashed to pieces. But it should be noted that stainless steel water bottles of inferior quality may surrender themselves to dents, a kind of quality issue that will result in the failure of insulation function. The durability of stainless steel water bottles enables outdoor enthusiasts to get hydrated with them in the wild, which is also partly the reason why they are seen in various adventures.

  • BPA Free Material

Most of the plastic water bottles contain certain amounts of BPA, a type of harmful synthetic chemical that is detrimental to both human beings and the environment. These bottles are suitable for holding cold liquids, but when they are filled with hot drinks, BPA will exude from the plastic stealthily and enter your body secretly when you get hydrated. BPA will not ruin your health in a second, but gradually damage your body triggering other serious diseases such as terrible cancers in the long run.

Stainless steel water bottles are 100% BPA free, suitable for containing either piping hot drinks or icy cold liquids. This food grade material enables people to consume drinks carefreely and safely without bringing about any negative effects. The BPA-free lettering has become a symbol for healthy drinking and should be given priority to when it comes to the choice of buying water bottles.

  • Purity

The authentic flavor of drinks has been long pursued by people across the globe. But, containers of different materials may impart their own flavors to the drinks held inside. For example, drinks in a plastic water bottle may taste weird, carrying a taste of typical plastic smell.

Cola fans love swilling cold cola and other soft drinks of this brand in classical cola cans made by aluminium. It is undeniable that aluminium cans are capable of retaining the original flavor of drinks, but they are not applicable for long-term use as the protective layer on aluminium will peer off and aluminium will then directly contact lips doing harm to body health. Therefore, it is not recommended to repeatedly use the single-use aluminium can for your health.

Water bottles made by stainless steel can not only retain the original favor of drinks to the most, but also offer a pure and healthy drinking experience. In addition, people who are fond of consuming cold water are prone to drink with such a bottle as the stainless steel wall is completely sweat-free!

  • Applicable For All

Kitchen grade stainless steel water bottles boast a larger application. For one thing, they are theoretically suitable for holding nearly all the edible liquids in the world. In general, they are mostly used to keep coffee, juice, small ice cubes, and also, water in.

For another, stainless steel water bottles are appropriate for people of all ages. Drinking bottles made by stainless steel SUS316 is exclusively designed for infants and kids, and SUS304 is targeted at the rest of the population. Every one needs to get hydrated with a BPA-free and insulated water bottle, hence the choice of stainless steel ones. Besides, stainless steel has also been applied to many other industries owing to its premium quality.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Last but not least, unlike disposable plastics that pose threat to the existence of both human beings and the environment, reusable stainless steel bottles will never yield such a poisoning effect.

According to an authoritative study, consuming water of 25 oz with a stainless steel bottle is saving 0.08 kg of CO2 emissions. Therefore, whenever you finish that volume and refill the bottle, you are virtually contributing to the realization of net zero emissions.

IV. What Is the Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

Honestly speaking, Simple Flask cola shaped water bottles are the best stainless steel water bottles. Here are the key takeaways of our water bottles:

reusable insulated water bottle
  • Premium Material

Our insulated water bottles are all made by premium 18-8 (SUS304) stainless steel. And the silicone loop in the lid ranks first in terms of quality. The good material helps to retain the authentic flavor of drinks, gaining increasing popularity from customers all over the United States. Simple Flask water bottles comply with the California Prop 65 regulations, and meet all the requirements of Title 21 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations.

  • Thickened Design

Simple Flask cola shaped water bottles are characterized by the adoption of thickened stainless steel walls. The thickened design contributes greatly to the insulation performance. Usually, our water bottles can keep water warm for 24 hours and cold for 12 hours. The outstanding heat-retaining capability further bolsters the sweat-free property of our stainless steel water bottles. When the bottle is fully filled with icy cold water, you can never sense the presence of the chillness holding it in hand.

  • Anti-impact Design

Again, the anti-impact function partly owes to the thickened stainless steel walls. Our bottles are durable than some famous drinking bottles in the market, passing corresponding dropping tests effortlessly. Although dents inevitably appear on the outer shell, they can not threaten the normal functioning of insulation. It must be pointed out that the thickened wall does not indicate a shortened distance between two stainless steel walls, so the vacuum space will not be invaded unless the bottle is destroyed purposefully.

  • Cost-effective Feature

Compared with bottled water, drinking with reusable Simple Flask stainless steel water bottle is way more cost-effective. Let’s do some maths. A Simple Flask cola shaped water bottle of 17 oz is sold at $17.99, while Evian Mineral Water of 33.81 oz is sold at a price of $23.9 (a pack of 12). The money for drinking 18 disposable bottles of Evian Mineral Water of 33.81 oz is equal to that for a reusable Simple Flask. If you have finished a plastic bottle of water, you just throw it away, and there is nothing left. However, if you bought one of our stainless steel water bottles, you would have that in your hands every time you complete hydration. Our bottle is designed to offer at least 5 years of service, so if you consumed Evian Mineral Water of 33.81 oz on a daily basis (actually an adult is supposed to drink 70 oz per day), you would spend $3634.8 on bottled Evian water, whereas if you bought a Simple Flask and kept regular hydration for five years in a row, you might only need to pay for a small sums of money, say, $200.

Therefore, in the long run, it is absolutely cost-effective for you to pick up a reusable stainless steel water bottle for daily hydration.

V. Conclusion

In the contemporary society, it needs joint efforts to reach the grand goal — net zero emissions. And as individuals, we can also contribute to the realization of this goal controlling the budget of carbon emissions by an array of actions. Using reusable stainless steel water bottles in place of plastic products is an easy and fairly practical approach to protect both us and the environment. It’s time for us to embrace a healthier hydration life!