In 2016, about 480 billion plastic bottles were sold worldwide, an average of 1 million bottles per minute and 20,000 bottles per second. But less than 50% of plastic bottles are recycled and only 7% were remade into new ones; In 2016, the European food safety authority (EFSA) warned that the micro-nano plastic fragments which be absorbed by commercial fish could accumulate in the human body through the food chain, posing a potential threat to  human health. In the same year, Simple Flask was born, with a sincere promise of rejecting the environmental harm caused by disposable water bottles and providing people with healthier products — what you want is our goal.

To be the forerunner of The Times, the leader of the fashion, and the holder of the trend, you can make the Simple Flask the first choice.

The sense of fashion not only comes of design, but also of advanced concept. Environmental protect concept has been integrated into ever detail of Simple Flask since its founding, manifesting by an insist on BPA free and the rejection of all disposable plastic products in an effort to minimize environmental damage. We believe that environmental protection is not a slogan, but the result of a series of firm choices; we believe that the future is not created by anticipation and waiting, but each brave step. Simple Flask is committed to offering everyone who wants to make a difference a best choice and ensure them a reusable and reliable stainless steel water bottle.


Durable, Reusable, ECO-Friendly, BPA Free, Lead Free

Owning both ideas and strength, we are committed to making the experience incomparable and the quality irreplaceable.

You may need a great glass of just-out-of-the-cooler cold cola after being drenched in sweat on the soccer field or a cup of warm espresso after racing around the ski resort on a snowmobile – Simple Flask can perfectly satisfy your demands. Accompanied by Simple Flask, you can travel as you please with the temperature of beverages or water under your control. At the same time, with the philosophy of environmental protection, we aim at designing a high-performing water bottle that you can use longer and use more. That means our bottles are as everlasting as the plastic bottles they displace. They can hardly be broken and can stood the test of any severe conditions. Also, our water bottles are well decorated in a never-out-of-date way.

Founded in 2016, it took years of gaining strength to be confident and proud of our premium products. To take care of your health, we are taking the action. To create a better future hand in hand, are you ready for that?

The SIMPLE FLASK brand was founded by engineers with 20 years of manufacturing experience.