Simple Flask always adheres to the corporate social responsibility concept of “originating from society and returning to society”.
Provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism, and provide employees with a better platform. Create jobs and improve the employee training system and career development channels to enable employees to grow up with the company.

Ensure that the product is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle. Simple Flask relies on the principles of life cycle analysis to ensure that every stage of the life cycle of the water bottle is considered, including manufacturing, transportation, use, and after-sales service. Increase the degree of marketization to meet public needs.

We deepen the concept of social responsibility, participate in community building, and abide by the laws and regulations of the place where the company operates, and strive to be an excellent corporate citizen.


Simple Flask has established a sustainable development work committee to clarify corporate social responsibility liaisons in various departments and regions to promote Simple Flask’s corporate social responsibility work in an all-round way.


Focus on innovation and use sustainable resources for production.


Focus on process efficiency, waste management, emission reduction and material recycling.


Help the disabled, widowed elderly and children with Down syndrome.