Water is one of the most important components of any diet in your life. Our bodies need water to carry out basic chemical reactions. If we don’t drink enough water, our body cannot work properly. Once dehydration occurs, fatigue will follow too. In the hot summer, water is very important to the cooling system of the human body. Everyone needs to take in a certain amount of water in life, otherwise the body is short of water and the life is prone to danger. However, the plain water that people often drink is tasteless and colorless, so people have no desire to drink it. For this reason, many businesses have launched beverages of various flavors and colors.

Because the development of the nervous system of the child’s brain is not perfect, but also in the growth and development period, so the metabolism of the body is very vigorous. In addition to the stimulation caused by exercise and overheating, the children will sweat to evaporate the heat in the body and regulate the temperature to a normal state. Especially in a hot environment or an outside time, timely hydration for children is also quite necessary. Drinks are mainly water-based foods, but not the kind you can give your child easily. What you give your child to drink before the age of five will affect his/her taste preferences for a lifetime. Fortunately, the best drinks are simple and don’t require much effort or money to find them. I will introduce it to you that what is a good drink for children?

  1. Plain Water

Mineral water is the most common drink which contains the salt needed by the human body, and is suitable for children to drink. The plain water is conducive to the children’s health and will not affect the children’s physical development. However, drinking mineral water for a long time will cause great harm to the human body and hinder their intake of some nutrition. Therefore, parents should not let their children drink mineral water instead of plain water and control the amount of mineral water they ingest. Plain water provides the hydration we all need to survive. But that’s not to say you should buy bottled water at the supermarket. Polyester bottles often contain substances that can lead to chronic poisoning, especially if the bottles are exposed to high temperatures or left undrunk, which can leach into the water and harm your health. At the same time, bottled water imposes a heavy burden on the environment. You can pick out a durable and BPA Free water bottle for your child to get into the habit of drinking water at an early age.

  1. Milk or Yogurt

Milk provides calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin A and zinc, all of which are necessary for healthy growth and development. Growing children (age two and up) need two cups of milk per day. For most children, this means two glasses (8 ounces or 1 cup) of milk. Babies under one year old should be fed breast milk or formula. Children aged one to two years may need whole milk or reduced fat (1% or 2%) if they are at risk for obesity. By the age of two, children can drink reduced-fat or skimmed milk. Children over 4 may drink skimmed milk instead. Reducing the fat in milk takes away some calories and reduces saturated or unhealthy fat that can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

While the human body needs a lot of vitamins and different types of nutrients to grow and develop, it is also necessary to avoid harmful ingredients. But many of these ingredients are snacks, drinks and fast food that kids are obsessed with, so which drinks should kids not drink?

  1. Carbonated Drinks

Many fast foods contain carbonated drinks, which are very unsuitable for children. Children’s bones and body organs are in the process of development. The harmful ingredients in carbonated drinks, such as carbon dioxide, will hinder the growth of bones, cause in concentration or lead to different types of oral problems. Studies have even found that carbonated drinks can cause aggression in children. Drinks with high sugar content are also not suitable for children, as these drinks can harm their gastrointestinal health. Sugary drinks such as sodas, sports drinks, fruit drinks, lemonade, sweet water and other drinks with added sugar are harmful to children’s health. They increase the risk of overweight, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes and fatty liver.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine and other beverages are not suitable for children to drink either although these drinks can refresh the brain and help diuretic, but will damage the physical development of children and affect their health. These levels of caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system of children, including different types of caffeine, coffee or tea, which can adversely affect the normal development of the child’s body.

  1. Juices

Tomato juice, hawthorn juice, orange juice and other vegetable and fruit drinks are good for the human body and suitable for children to drink. Eating fruit is always better than drinking juice. But it is better for parents to prepare these drinks at home rather than having them buy them outside. However, convenient fruit juice drinks are the favorite of children of different ages. The taste and sweetness of fruit juice are almost as attractive to them as the harm of the bad ingredients. Fruit juices bought outside contain many different types of additives, while real fruit contains very few, and its high sugar content can lead to cavities in children. The beverage such as hawthorn juice on market contains the component such as additive more which is useless to human body health. For the child, it may destroy their body health.

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