It is necessary for us to drink water every day, especially on long journeys, the last thing you need is water. However, we must pay careful attention on the water bottles we drink from. We have to make it clear that drinking water from three kinds of water flasks is very dangerous, thus we should use as little as possible in our daily life.

  1. Disposable paper cups that hide potential carcinogens

No matter how hygienic and convenient disposable paper cups look, their qualified rate of the product cannot be judged and clean and sanitary condition cannot be identified with the naked eyes. Use as few disposable paper cups as possible from an environmental point of view. The reasons are as follows: firstly, some paper cup manufacturers add large amounts of fluorescent brighteners to make the cups look whiter. And it is this fluorescent substance can make the cells produce mutations, further turning into a potential carcinogenic factor once into the human body. Secondly, the body of those unqualified paper cups is generally very soft, which is easy to deformation after we pour water. And some paper cups are poor sealing so that the bottom of the cup  oozes water easily. All these would tend to burn our hands in hot water easily. Moreover, when gently touching the inside of the paper cup, we can feel the fine power on it and the touch of your finger will turn white. This is a typical inferior paper cup.

  1. Plastic water cups that hide filth and toxic substances most easily

Plastic cups should also be least popular one because plastic is often added plasticizer which contains some toxic chemicals.  When the plastic cups are filled with hot or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water. It can encourage the growth of bacteria if it is not cleaned clearly for there are pores that hide dirt in the plastic’s microscopic interior. Therefore, when choosing and buying plastic cups, we must choose the water cup made by the edible class plastic that accords with national standard.

  1. Multicolored ceramic water cups are prone to heavy metal poisoning

Multicolored ceramic cups that are prone to heavy metal poisoning. Colorful ceramic cup is very attractive, but in fact there are huge hidden dangers in those bight colors, especially the glaze on the inner wall. When the cup is filled with boiling water or drinks with high acidity or alkalinity, the lead and other toxic heavy metal elements in these pigments are easy to dissolve in the liquid. If people drink the liquid with chemical substances, causing harm to their body.

Simple Flask stainless water bottle

Safe drinking bottles:

304 stainless steel water bottles (18/8 stainless steel)
The material of 304 stainless steel is food grade. It has 18% chromium content and 8% nickel content, possessing the ability to resist corrosion and rust resistance required for edible stainless steel utensils. In addition, stainless steel can be recycled and environmentally friendly. All Simple Flask water bottles are made of stainless steel water bottles.

Ceramic cup without colored glaze
The ceramic cup without colored glaze, especially colorless inner wall. It has not only the safe material that can withstand high temperature, but also relatively good insulation effect. As a result, drinking hot water or tea is a good choice.

The glass bottle
There are no organic chemicals in the glass. When people drink from the glass or other drinks, they don’t have to worry about the chemicals getting into their stomach. Besides, the glass has a smooth surface and is easy to clean, so it is healthy and safe for people to drink from the glass.

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