Water bottles can be classified into two types based on the feature of whether they can be recycled. Reusable drink bottles are often made by stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304) that is BPA-free. Since it can be reused, the quality as well as the safety of this type of bottle must be assured. Disposable water cups, also known as single-use water bottles, are designed for bottled water. Disposable water bottles are often made by plastics that has low cost yet strong performance. They are light in weight and offers people convenience.

It is quite obvious that a single-use water cup is cheaper than a reusable stainless steel water bottle, so why do people keep buying reusable ones? Actually, apart from the health and environment reasons, people also take the economical reason into consideration when picking up bottles for water intake.

I. Stainless Steel Water Bottles: An Economical Option

“Really? A stainless steel water bottle is way more expensive than a plastic water bottle”, you may question. In fact, this statement is conditioned by the time span. Stainless steel water bottles are reusable, which means you can consume water with them over and over again. Every time you complete the amount of water in the bottle, you just have to refill the bottle without paying extra money as you have bought it at the very beginning.

A quality stainless steel water bottle is capable of offering 5 to 10 years of service without breakage or leakage. So if you consume water with a disposable plastic water bottle everyday and throw it away after hydration (it is only designed for one-time use), a single reusable stainless steel water bottle can help you save 1,825 bottles in 5 consecutive years! This is just a brief reckoning, and the detailed calculation will be shown in the next part.

By contrast, a disposable plastic water bottle are supposed to be purchased repeatedly so as to meet your daily hydration. Your money is not only spent on the water, but also on the plastic containers. As time goes by, plastic water bottles are bound to cost you more as they can not be recycled. Therefore, in the long run, drinking water with stainless steel water bottles costs less and is also an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

II. How Much Can a Reusable Water Bottle Hold?

Averagely, a reusable stainless steel drink bottle has a capacity of 25 oz, whereas a single-use plastic water bottle can hold 17 oz of water. Put simply, a stainless steel water bottle requires fewer refills and saves money on redundant plastic bottles.

It has been well-documented that the average human is supposed to consume at least 8 cups of water (approximately 64 oz) on a daily basis. Therefore, if you get hydrated with a 25 oz stainless steel water bottle, you can reach a day’s water consumption goal by completing 3 bottles. However, if it is a plastic water bottle of 17 oz, then you may need to drink 4 bottles to do the same thing, which is also partly acceptable yet creates plastic wastes (bottles).

III. How Many Plastic Water Bottles Would I Save?

As calculated above, if you got hydrated with a stainless steel drink bottle in 5 years on end, you would save 1,825 plastic water bottles! In fact, this number may be bigger as you should drink at least one bottle per day. If you have a good hydration habit, you can make your money back just in three months and about 100 plastic bottles can be spared with one reusable stainless steel water bottle.

IV. How Expensive Are Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

Here is the math: the average stainless steel water bottle of 25 oz is sold at a price of $28 while an average plastic water bottle costs about $1. Sometimes a single-use bottle may have a higher cost depending on where you get it.

Although plastic drink bottles may be cheaper at first sight, drinking water on a regular basis with them is bound to be way more expensive in the long term. A sustainable water container costs you, say, $30, and you can get hydrated using it in 5 years without buying plastic counterparts. On the contrary, if you keep on buying 2 plastic bottles per day to meet your daily hydration goal, your expenditure in this sector will reach $3,650, 120 times more pricy than drinking with a single sustainable water bottle!

V. Simple Flask Water Bottle: An Ideal Option for Your Healthy Hydration Life

Simple Flask water bottles are all made by food grade stainless steel 18/8 (SUS304) that contains no BPA as there is no lining on the walls. The double-walled stainless steel structure of our bottles is conducive to keeping water warm for 24 hours or cold for 12 hours, and the perfect sealing technology minimizes radiation and conduction inside of the bottle. The durability as well as the safety of Simple Flask water bottles ensures a longer service life and a better using experience, allowing you to bring them into various adventures.

Currently, we are selling cola shaped water bottles of 17 oz and of 25 oz. The one of bigger volume enables you to get hydrated cheerfully while the bottle with a smaller size featuring better portability is suitable for outdoor sports such as hiking, camping and barbecue. If you hate refilling the bottle frequently, you are advised to pick up a Simple Flask bottle of 25 oz.