March is a month of spring when flowers begin to bloom and the weather becomes warmer. It is also a month that belongs to our families and friends. It is a perfect time to travel in spring for travelers seeking smaller crowds, fantastic festivals, spring blooms, and mild temperatures. When the tourist season comes, many of my friends will travel with their family, especially in the wilderness where the weather is hot and dry. The amount of physical exercise is relatively large, the energy consumed and the waste discharged are relatively large. The way of drinking water and the choice of water type need some attention to make sure that we can have a pleasant trip. While traveling, you will inevitably encounter thirst, fatigue, and lack of energy, so it is crucial to properly hydrate. But you must pay attention to the safety when traveling and drink plenty of water. So how to drink water when traveling is the safest for your families especially the children? The following is the selection words of drinking water precautions. I hope it’s helpful to you.

The Importance of Drinking Water When Traveling

When traveling, don’t forget to drink water regularly to maintain your body’s physiological need for water. On the road, we sweat easily and always want to drink water, but the more we drink, the sweaty we become and the thirstier we become. In fact, a lot of sweating away the body’s sodium, potassium, magnesium salt, etc., the loss of water makes the plasma osmotic pressure become high, stimulate the hypothalamus osmotic pressure receptors, produce thirst. Doctors point out that when traveling, people tend to lose water. After urine concentration, urethral secretions increase. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, it is bound to increase the growth and reproduction of bacteria, resulting in urinary tract infection. Accordingly, love beautiful woman should notice more: want to add moisture more.

How to choose drinking water for travel?

The ordinary water can not fully meet the needs of the human body. People tend to sweat after travel and exercise. When the human body perspiration, sweat will take away a lot of inorganic salts, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and so on. Therefore, drink plenty of water containing minerals during the trip to replenish your body’s needs and prevent electrolyte disturbances. Experts say that for the sake of your health, you should drink as much healthy water as possible while traveling. According to the complete concept of healthy water put forward by the World Health Organization, healthy water should have the following characteristics: a) It is free from pollution, and does not contain pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals and harmful chemicals b) It contains natural minerals and trace elements needed by human body c) Its life vitality is not degraded, weak alkaline, small molecular group of water, strong activity, etc.

The right way to drink water when traveling

You should pay attention to the time and method of drinking water. every morning, in the evening to drink 1 ~ 2 glasses of water, slowly drink, fine taste, you can feel a slight sweet, and urine is clear and long, stool run, refreshed. We often say that one can go without food for three days, but not without water for one day. When I have a headache and fever, I go to the hospital to see a doctor. In the end, the doctor will not only ask you to take medicine on time, but also tell you to have a good rest and drink more water. This is not only because drugs can only be absorbed by the body if dissolved in water, but also because water itself has the effect of calming, clearing heat and detoxification. Drink water in small amounts. Travel thirsty can not be a drink, should be several times to drink water, every hour can not be more than a liter of water, 100 to 150 ml each time is appropriate, the interval of 1 hour.

In addition, when choosing drinking water outside, there are several points to pay attention to:

  1. It is better to drink the right amount of light salt water. People tend to sweat after exercise on the journey. When the body perspires a lot, sweat takes away a lot of inorganic salts, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and so on. Therefore, it is very necessary to drink some light salt water during the journey. Add 1 gram of salt and 500 ml of water to replenish the body and prevent electrolyte disturbance.
  2. A proper amount of sugar water is also important. Due to the large amount of calories consumed by strenuous exercise during travel, hiking and hiking, the body cannot store enough sugar to meet the needs of exercise. Therefore, when taking part in a large amount of exercise and a long time of exercise, drink some sugar water appropriately, and when the energy consumption in the body of the supplement. Last but not least, don’t drink raw water when you’re traveling to avoid getting sick.
  3. You would better to drink cold boiled water about 10℃. Summer travel, the body temperature is usually higher, a large number of cold drinks are easy to cause digestive system diseases, because at this time due to the accelerated blood circulation, the stomach and stomach relative ischemia. Do not drink drinks below 5℃, about 10℃ of cold boiled water can let you achieve the purpose of cooling thirst.
  4. Drink water many times in small amounts. If you are thirsty, you can’t drink much water at one time. You should drink water several times. Every hour, you can’t drink more than one liter. When you are thirsty on the journey, intermittently drinking a few sips of water or tea to avoid milk by all means, so as not to destroy the balance of water and salt in the body.
  5. Don’t indulge yourself in cold drinks. When you are thirsty, do not go to eat ice cream, drink ice soda and other cold drinks. In this way, you will get more thirsty and also easier to hurt the spleen and stomach. When you go back to the accommodation in the evening, first you should take a bath to get rid of the tired feeling and dust of the day then calm down to drink tea slowly and continue to take in some water until urination after your dinner.

Try to take as much water as you need when you travel! Although carrying water is heavy, it is the most important substance to sustain our life. We need to bring a lot of things for our travel, and water bottle is essential among them. Especially for some mountaineering enthusiasts, you can also bring a stainless steel water bottle in addition to bringing enough water. If you go out for a travel, I would recommend you to carry a water bottle more than 500ml, and its main function is for emergency water. Why do you need to carry a stainless steel vacuum insulation bottle? Because a good bottle will keep your hot water warm for at least 24 hours and your ice water cold for at least 12 hours. No matter what way or destination you choose to travel to, always remember to stay hydrated, take care of yourself and your traveling companions, enjoy the beautiful scenery, drink healthy water and have an unforgettable holiday!

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