Water is indispensable to the human body, yet many of us tend to underestimate its importance and fail to reach the daily hydration goal. In view of that, Simple Flask now shares with you tips on how to trick yourself into drinking more water a day!

I. Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

Before introducing these tips, we still want to emphasize on the significance of hydration. We all need water to survive. This fountain of life is conducive to lubricating and cushioning joints, maintaining the normal functioning of brain and some other internal organs, regulating the body temperature, and helping to remove waste from the body through metabolism.

What will happen if you don’t have adequate water intake? When you are mildly dehydrated, you will suffer from dry skin and dry mouth; when you are technically dehydrated, conditions such as low blood pressure, headaches and dizziness will come out; when things become worse, you may even suffer from shock! Thus, it is really vital for you to drink water sufficiently and regularly.

II. 16 Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

  1. Add flavor to your water bottle

You can enhance the flavor of your water by steeping fresh fruits such as strawberries and lemon slices. The longer you put that fruits in your drinks, the tastier the water will be. It is also suggested to make some combos like basil lemon or ginger mint.

  1. Sip before every meal

If you enjoy your meal at home, you can try to sip before and during the cooking. Well, if you dine out in a restaurant, you can ask for servers for a glass of water before having a delicious meal. You can grasp every moment to drink that water. Still another example, it is feasible for you to sip on your drinks before eating snacks. And we believe that once you have cultivated your hydration habit, you will unconsciously hold the bottle getting hydrated at ease.

  1. Use an app to track your cups

As technology advances, there are many hydration apps that aim to make your hydration easier. Compared with traditional reminding methods such as the marked lines on the outer shell, using an app means a lot of fun. Free and useful apps like Daily Water and Daily Water Free allow you to set daily water consumption goals serving as alarms. So why not have a try?

  1. Get a high-tech water bottle

What about taking a step further and buying a high-tech water bottle? This method can be helpful if you care little about the budget. But for the majority, using an app is enough for a high-tech water bottle usually costs a lot. Such a smart water bottle is not as durable as a stainless steel water bottle. And plastic parts of it will wear out as time goes by.

  1. Drink after every bathroom break

Again, this method helps you link drinking water with one of your daily activities. It is recommended that every time you go to a bathroom for a break, you should chug a cup of water to pay for the fluid loss. This can be an ideal way to start a circle: the more you drink, the more you need to visit the bathroom.

  1. Eat water-rich foods

Bored with drinking pure and plain water? There is a practical way to trick yourself into consuming more water – eat water-rich foods. Water-rich foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and sea food of varied kinds are perfect alternatives to water. Common and cheap water-rich fruits like watermelon (92% water), grapefruit (91% water) and cucumber (96% water) are greatly recommended. Also, you can make and have some salads to get hydrated.

  1. Use a marked water bottle

Drinking water with a marked water bottle explicitly showcases the progress you have made. This visual interaction directly enhances your confidence in completing the goal. But the only disadvantage of such a marked water bottle is that some people may think it is not so appealing and stylish. In a word, using a water bottle with marked lines is a good option.

  1. Anytime you finish your bottle, refill it back up

Don’t hesitate to refill the bottle when it is empty. When you are working relentlessly and feel thirsty, you may take a look at the stainless steel water bottle on your desk. But if it is empty, you may feel bored with refilling it and choose to continue your hard work. Therefore, the best way for you is to refill the bottle when it is drained at once, you can then enjoy hydration anytime you want.

  1. Dilute soft drinks with ice & water

Soft drinks contain an excessive amount of sugar and some of them may do harm to your health. However, people still love them and keep drinking them continuously. When it comes to sugary drinks, Simple Flask suggests you dilute them with ice and/or water. In this way you can still taste the sweetness of these beverages yet live a healthier hydration life.

  1. Every time you drink alcohol, drink another bottle of water

This one-to-one rule shines bright if you are an alcohol lover. For every glass of wine you swill, you will water down another bottle of water, diluting the alcohol concentration and also increasing the daily water intake. In addition, symptoms of hangover will become less serious in the next day if you have consumed that amount of water.

  1. Get into herbal tea

Apart from flavors like vegetables and fruits, herbal tea is also welcomed by a certain group of people who love its fragrance with low sweetness. This warm and gentle tea enables people to be calm and relaxing. Additionally, a bottle of herbal tea with mint is capable of giving drinkers a lift, which helps a lot especially during winter.

  1. Have some salty stuff

Have you ever noticed that after you have some salty stuff, you are more likely to drink more water due to the feeling of thirst? Salty snacks like pretzels, chips, and almonds would spark your desire for water. So it is advisable for you to chew these delicious stuff moderately! Here we use the adverb to stress that do not eat too much of them as excess consumption of salty snacks is bad for your blood.

  1. Get some stylish straws

Sipping water with a straw may generate in you a feeling of drinking soft drinks, thus tricking yourself into swilling more water. A straw enables you to drink faster and more conveniently. You can pick up some colorful twisty straws or stainless steel straws that feature cleanliness and 100% retention of the original taste. Getting some attractive and fashionable ones relatively enhances the appetite, right? However, it must be pointed out the straw you get should be sustainable, reusable and recyclable. Do not purchase plastic straws that do harm to both yourself and the environment.

  1. Drink water before, during and after doing workouts

Staying hydrated throughout workouts is quite critical as water can to some extent improve your exercising performance. You should drink adequate water before the training so that you will not fall into the state of hydration when sweating at the beginning. Water you have consumed beforehand helps to pay for the loss. It is suggested to drink water every 15 minutes during common workouts. And if it is a hard one that drains you, try to drink some energy drinks as additional energy supply that better boosts your muscles and tendons. The after-game hydration should not be ignored as you need drink certain amount of water to have a faster recovery. For more information about the exact drinking volume, click here to read more: Drink water before, during and after doing workouts

  1. Set a deadline for every 8 oz

Deadline can be the driving force. If you set a time for every 8 oz, you will be pushed to complete the job ahead of the time. For instance, in the morning you are supposed to drink 16 oz in 4 hours, you can then set two deadlines for each 8 oz. It requires a good discipline to carry out the “heavy” task, so you can set some punishments in case of failing to finish it on time.

  1. Reward yourself for achieving hydration goals

In the 15th ways we talk about setting punishments. Do you think you need to reward yourself for hitting hydration goals? Yes, even a small one can inspire you to drink water more enthusiastically. Given the achieved goal, you can get yourself delicious coffee, enjoy more time watching Netflix or scrolling Tiktok carefreely. Once you have cultivated such a habit, you can reward yourself with better gifts, say, a trip to the Aegean Sea.

III. Think About the Bottle

In order to trick yourself into consuming more water by performing the above mentioned methods, you definitely need a quality insulated water bottle for hydration. When it comes to the choice of water bottles, stainless steel water bottles are always mostly welcomed by the public. The durability, safety, and fashionable style of this type of water container deserve the credit.

Simple Flask water bottles are all made by stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304). They are equipped with a double-walled insulation structure delivering perfect insulation performance. Our bottles are characterized by durability, anti-impact & anti-scratch function, attractive appearance and agreeable prices, perfect for either indoor use or outdoor adventures!