The basic water requirement for our body equates to 3L (100 oz) per day.

It is advisable to drink water between 100ML and 300ML each time, not more than 1.5L, otherwise it will be excessive.

Many people have mistakenly believed that drinking a lot of water can relieve heat and lower body temperature in the summer. But the doctors remind that people in the hot summer days should drink a reasonable amount of water according to their physical conditions and the weather conditions, and beware of water poisoning caused by excessive water drinking.

When a person consumes an excessive amount of water in hot weather day and the concentration of blood salt changes to a certain extent. This behavior can cause changes in the flow of fluid inside the body, causing symptoms such as swelling of the brain and pressure on the skull, leading to “Water Poisoning” and causing damage to the human body. “Water Poisoning” can occur in athletes who drink too much in order to effectively prevent heart failure, or in some mentally ill people who drink too much to cleanse their sins and toxins.

Doctors suggest that we should not simply rely on drink a lot of water to cool down, but to establish a sense of self-protection which highlight the following three points. The main thing is to establish a sense of self-protection and highlight the following three points. The first needs to avoid long-term stays in places that exposed to high temperatures and try to reduce the amount of body water volatilized, and reduce the amount of water you drink. The second is to pay attention to combining your physical condition and amount of exercise, try not to do strenuous exercise, and moderately supplement your body’s water requirements. The third is to pay attention to improving the structure of drinking water. Drink moderate amounts of salty water to ensure the amount of salt in your body fluids and blood.

How much water should we drink each day?

The water consumption of normal adults is used as the calculation standard. The basic requirement of water is 3L, and the daily intake of water through rice, vegetables, soup, and fruits is about 1L. To this end, 2L of boiled water should be added. In daily life, some people like to drink tea, milk, coffee, juice, wine and other beverages. Even so, the amount of boiled water should not be less than 1L. The elderly should be about 4/5 of adults. Males increase by 10%-15% compared with females. Infants and young children have a stronger metabolism than adults due to their growth and development. Therefore, they need more water. They should be supplemented with 100-500ML without being thirsty, which is more in line with the demand.

A truly effective method of drinking water is to drink a whole glass of water (about 200-250ml) in one breath (or one time), rather than just drinking two mouthfuls, so that the body can really absorb and use it. Of course, the so-called one-time drinking does not have to be finished in one breath. If you just take a sip or two to “quench your thirst”, it won’t help your body at all.

Drink Good Water

Try to avoid drinking distilled water (generally, the distilled water is too acid, which is easy to harm the body, and it is more harmful to people with weak kidneys). Choosing high-quality mineral water is better. If possible, drinking alkaline water is most beneficial to the human body. Otherwise, it is okay to drink it after cooking it in a household water filter. In general, if you have no choice, it is better to drink than nothing!

Drink Before You Eat
Of course, you can drink water at any time. Drinking water when you are thirsty often only quenches your thirsty. An effective way to drink water is to drink on an empty stomach. The water will circulate directly through the digestive tract and be absorbed by the body. Drinking water after eating is not as effective as drinking water on an empty stomach. Try it!

Drink in Time

Office workers often neglect to drink water due to work relations, or in order to avoid the suspicion of a short break, they would rather not drink water. I would like to advise all friends not to avoid drinking water on the grounds of “going to the toilet “. If this continues, the bladder and kidneys will be damaged, and it will easily cause back pain.

As long as you slowly develop the habit of drinking, the bladder gets used to it, and the frequency of going to the toilet will naturally gradually decrease. But drinking eight glasses of water a day and going to the toilet seven to eight times is also normal. It is a necessary replacement for metabolism. Remember that drinking water is not about satisfying dry throat and neck. Drinking water only when your mouth is dry is not helpful at all.

Water is as important as oxygen to the body. Drinking water for the body is the only way to prolong life and it is the basic principle of beautiful skin. Is there any reason not to drink water for our health and beauty?

Water-drinking Schedule

6:30 am

After one night’s sleep, your body starts to be dehydrated. Drink 250CC of water first when you get up. It can help detoxify your kidneys and liver. Don’t eat breakfast right away. Wait half an hour for water to soak into each cell and metabolize before you eat! It’s very important for the body’s metabolism!

8:30 am

In the morning, the time from getting up to the office is always very tight and the mood is also relatively tense. The body will appear invisible dehydration phenomenon. Rather than a bleary-eyed reach for the coffee, drink one cup of water at least 250CC first when you get to the office.

11:00 am

After working in an air-conditioned room for a period of time, take the advantage of moving, and then give yourself the third cup of water in a day to supplement the water you lost which helps to relax your tense working mood!

12:50 pm

Half an hour after lunch, drink some water instead of the artificial drinks that have made you fat. By boosting your body’s digestive function, drinking water is not only good for your health, but also helps you maintain your figure.

3:00 pm    

Replenish the fluid lost in the air-conditioned room and clear your head with a cup of healthy mineral water instead of afternoon tea and coffee and other refreshing drinks bar.

5:30 pm

Drink another glass of water before you leave the office. If you want to lose weight by drinking water, you can drink a few more cups to increase your sense of fullness. When you eat dinner, you don’t eat too much.

10:00 pm

Drink a glass of water one to half an hour before bed. Goals are met! 2000CC of water has been ingested today. Just don’t drink too much that having to go to the bathroom at night disrupts your quality of sleep.

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