The insulated water bottle market before 2016 was a mixed bag. Almost all products are unsatisfactory, some have poor insulation effect, some materials contain BPA and lead, and some are not strong. Most ordinary plastic water bottles contain BPA, which is toxic. Some plastic cups even emit a strange smell after pouring hot water

More and more consumers choose disposable water bottles because they are disappointed with the performance of reusable water bottles whose result is that plastic pollution is very serious. Randomly expand the newspapers before 2016, you can find the reports on plastic pollution are always shocking. Plastic garbage in the ocean is particularly serious.

In the six years from 2007 to 2013, researchers from the Five Circulation Institute in the United States used trawl nets to carry out 24 salvage of plastic debris from five subtropical “circulations”, the coast of Australia, the Bay of Bengal and the Mediterranean. After screening and analyzing one by one, the scientists made a list of plastic pollution in these seas, including buoys, fishing lines, fishing nets, buckets, bottles, and bags.

After counting these plastic fragments, it was found that large plastics are only 7% of the total. Many plastic products will decompose under the impact of sunlight and ocean waves, and finally became into the size that can be seen under a microscope.

The researchers used computer simulations to analyze these findings and came up with an amazing number: There are at least 5.25 trillion plastic fragments in the global ocean (These plastic fragments vary from tiny particles below 1nm to large fragments with a diameter of more than 20cm), The total weight of ocean plastic pollution is about 269,000 tons.

Finally, we gave up the idea of adding this function. We should not add unpractical functions to our products in order to attract customers’ attention, even if this function is good for product promotion, because we are always thinking: what is the best vacuum flask and how to provide customers with the best and most practical vacuum flask when we are designing and developing vacuum insulated products.

Simple Flask product design

Simple Flask cola shaped water bottle design

We had to return to the essence of insulated water bottles if we want to know how to provide customers best quality and most practical vacuum insulated water bottles. Essentially, what function does the vacuum flask provide? Why do others need it? We think that what the thermos cup should do is firstly to reliably provide users with drinking water at the right temperature at the right time and place; secondly, it is portable, durable, portable, and easy to clean. The third is environmental protection. The fourth is harmless to the body.

We visited many factories and found that the key to thermal insulation is quality control. In terms of technology, most manufacturers have already mastered vacuum insulation technology. The industrial standard is to pour 95 degrees of water into a vacuum flask at room temperature. After 6 hours, the water temperature is above 60 degrees, this is a good vacuum flask should do . Principally, don’t cut corners, control the quality of the insulation layer, and make it thick, so that the insulation performance can be improved.

However, a very important application scenario of the vacuum flask is portable. When going out, theoretically users only want to hold “water” itself, so lightweight and smaller size have always been the direction of progress in this industry

This leads to a contradiction, how to keep heat preservation technology and lightweight technology at the same time

Since the insulated water bottle’s main task is to let people drink the water they want to drink anytime and anywhere, which involves personal safety issues. We should treat everything we want to put in our mouths carefully.

Previously, international news broke out that certain brands of vacuum flasks had heavy metals exceeding the standard. Unscrupulous factories used 201 steel that did not meet food grade to pretend to be food grade 304. As a result, most insulated water bottles sold on the market have a safety risk of heavy metal migration.

In addition, due to technical and cost considerations, most of the domestic insulation cups have a matte inner wall. The enlarged surface has actually a great number of tiny potholes, which are easy to leave stains. This is also the reason why many people give up the thermos drink bottle.

Here is an introduction to the advantages of the mirror liner process, that is, it is not easy to adhere to dirt. Many people want to buy this kind of thermos bottle, stainless steel vacuum double-layer insulation, cup bladder super mirror electrolytic processing, not easy to adhere to dirt. The lid has a high-quality silicone sealing ring structure, and the sealing effect is very good.

Based on the above surveys, the initial product definition has come out:

  • Sufficient heat preservation performance;
  • Portable and durable;
  • No metal migration occurs even if the acidic liquid is installed;
  • BPA Free; Toxic Free.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • The inner wall of the mirror is easy to clean.
mirror polishing effect of bottle mouth

mirror effect polishing of bottle mouth

Before Simple Flask brand established, some brands just worked hard in the direction of lightness and thinness. They made the inner liner thinner through precise spinning technology, reducing the thickness of the inner layer of the insulation layer without reducing the thickness of the outer layer, and increasing the vacuum degree. Lightweight, durable and portable vacuum flask; some brands use tailless vacuum and laser welding technology to reduce the base from three to two, reducing the overall volume, and through super bright electrolysis technology, the inner tank is processed into mirror surface, easy to clean. Other brands have gone the other way. After the inner liner is thinned, a non-stick coating similar to Teflon is added to achieve easy cleaning and antibacterial properties.

The owner of the insulated water bottle manufacturing plant told us that the six characteristics we defined are to combine the advantages of the current vacuum flask technology to meet the challenges. The challenge is very high and the cost will be high. The Simple Flask team decided to challenge the difficulties and seek a breakthrough in the quality of the vacuum flask.

Project Start

It comes to the very practical R&D level after the product definition finished. After a lot of testing and comparison, we decided to use food-grade 18/8 stainless steel as the inner and outer layer of the vacuum flask. The plastic part of the lid is made of BPA free PP material. The sealing ring uses environmentally friendly food-grade silica gel. Ensure that all materials are BPA free and toxic free.

18/8 stainless steel has many advantages. It is composed of 18% chromium, 8% nickel and iron. The nickel content is slightly higher, so it has good acid and corrosion resistance.

water bottle with mirror effect surface

mirror electrolysis

The inner shell needs two key treatments after finishing the spinning technology, the inner super mirror electrolytic treatment and the outer pure copper plating. The internal mirror surface cannot only easy to wash, but also reflects internal heat radiation. The pure copper coating on the outside is to shield the heat radiation from spilling.

copper plated thermoses

mirror electrolytic inner wall and copper-plated outer side of the inner wall

After precision welding, the inner shell and outer shell will be put into a vacuumize furnace with a high temperature of nearly 600 degrees for vacuum exhaust treatment

After a year of development, our vacuum insulated water bottle has achieved heat preservation, durability, and mirror liner performance. It has perfectly passed the acid-base corrosion test and the coffee and tea rinse test. Achieved such a product definition, the team intends to conduct internal testing within the Simple Flask team

In the internal testing process, we choose “testers” try out the products before the market. The testers are usually senior employees within the company and also well-known product quality control personnel. Through the internal testing of this batch of product controls in actual scenarios, product bugs can be found to be improved.

The several characteristics we defined have been unanimously approved by the internal test users, and they confirmed that we can achieve the characteristics of more durability, better washing, and strong heat preservation.

Simple Flask cola shaped drink bottle

Like what we described in this article, after 16 months of development, we can proudly declare that Simple Flask has produced a vacuum flask product whose craftsmanship and material are beyond the famous brand.

Simple Flask, born for healthy hydration and environmental protection.

Simple Flask only has one pursuit, to make great water bottles with good quality. Because people need good reusable water bottles to replace the disposable water bottle in their hands, so that there will be less and less plastic pollution in the land and ocean, our earth will become more and more beautiful. It’s what we want to see.

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